Every week I have the challenge (and privilege) of tackling (sorry for the football pun) complex topics for a short segment narrated by Dave Dameshek (it is called "Reality Shek"). Given time constraints, I have 8 hours total to deliver a fully illustrated and animated short that both 1) accurately conveys the topic at hand and 2) Delivers the message under 7-8 seconds with a sense of humor.  

This week, I was asked to depict an image that represents the difficulty that clubs face in regards to building a multi-faceted franchise in lieu of a limited budget, the majority of which is usually tied up in a star player. The editorial team provided some key feedback during the conceptualization phase. Specifically, I was asked to focus on the Seahawks. Early conversations included the notion of representing Russell Wilson as the mythological Titan, Atlas, holding up the aspirations of the club singlehandedly. 

After some quick research, I came across Boris Vallejo's (a famous Peruvian painter known for his covers of Fantasy novels) depiction of atlas and was immediately drawn to the style, pose, and lighting. Somehow, the juxtaposition of the aforementioned weekly topic and Vallejo's dramatic, hyper-realistic method of rendering seemed rife with comedic possibilities. (At least, that is what I had hoped!) 

The act of committing to an idea that is inspired by a gut feeling always feels akin to gambling. I rolled the dice and began to paint my rendition of Vallejo's Atlas wracked by a certain degree of guilt. 

The animations were then completed in After Effects with minimal effects. Primarily wanted to utilize a sense of depth and movement with Parallax. 

Although there is a certain degree of irreverence, I have the utmost respect for Vallejo's masterful understanding of anatomy, lighting, and composition. 

Once again, I give all the credit to Boris Vallejo for the inspiration for this pitiful copy of his work. 
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