Last week, I was asked to create artwork for an NFL featured Sidelines article. The subject matter, format, and nature/tone of the project lended itself to a photo collage of sorts. At its core, the heart of the article revolved around the unyielding devotion of an ardent Browns fan that spanned the course of 32 years. There were some initial concepts that came to mind : 1) a depiction of Marc's (the author and narrator) adolescent room and a variety of Browns memorabilia. 2) A bar scene and nostalgic keepsakes strewn out across a table.

Ultimately, I went with the bar concept and went about determining which key items should be included to provide a general sense of the story and visual interest. I created custom vinyl record cover art of a Sisyphus like individual laboring under the weight of a football shaped boulder. I also felt that a broken record hammered home the notion that Browns' fans feel trapped in an endless cycle of hope/disappointment. I also included an iconic Pee-chee folder to help sell that elusive feeling of nostalgia. Many other elements were photo comped in. Once the source of light was determined and the corresponding shadows were rendered, the rest of the time was spent arranging the items in a manner that seemed natural and somewhat frenzied. 

HOPELESSLY DEVOTED (For 32 years!): "An odyssey through fandom: three decades of obsession, pain, hope and clarity with the Cleveland Browns..."

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