Based on some previous Character Design explorations (, I created this short animated sequence for Dave Dameshek, a prominent radio personality and TV writer currently employed by the NFL. I literally had 1 day to produce the general concept, illustrate, and animate. Given the extremely tight time constraints and the tone of the piece, I chose to utilize a "popsicle puppet" type style of animation for the animation. In essence, the animated sequence would help set up a brief discussion regarding the recent success of Patrick Mahomes, who is on a historic run, and Baker Mayfield, who is helping Brown's fans see a glimmer of hope for their beloved, down trodden franchise. I was told to consider depicting a press conference as the general setting. Looking back, I wish that I could have animated Dave's hands underneath the stage occasionally popping up into view holding onto a pair of popsicle sticks taped to the backs of each player. 
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