80's Nostalgia
TV Show Characters from the 80's
This piece was inspired by Wednesday Addams, a character from the tv show "The Addams Family." A photo ad from Urban Outfitters served as the reference photo for my illustration. I began with a preliminary sketch (done with a .5mm pencil) which served as the base layer for my digital painting.

Growing up during the 80's, my sisters and I would watch shows like the Addams family, Giligan's Island, Airwolf, the A-Team, Highway to Heaven, and Perfect Strangers on a regular basis. Though I don't like being labeled with terms like "gen-X-er," I find myself unconsciously drawn to protagonists and characters that embody some of the traits that are stereotypically attributed to those born during my generation.

As a father of a 5 year old boy, I wonder what types of fictional characters and stories he will recall later in life. I also wonder how he will respond to classics like Huxley's A Brave New World,  Blade Runner, and the Goonies as he begins to explore  various  avenues of visual and literary expression.  For now, he is perfectly happy with Sesame Street and Bob the Builder, which is fine by me.
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